Google Hangouts Redesign

This Google Hangouts Redesign for iOS is a fun interactive chat and video call app. It is intended for hanging out with friends online. To achieve this, we created the Hangouts Circle, a fun interactive feature that users can scroll through to easily access their closest friends through many views in the app. It is friendship-focused and works to maintain tight-knit communities while protecting user’s privacy. The prompt was to improve the user interface of your assigned communication/VoIP app and address the pain points for series of functionalities. The result was an experimental redesign that incorporated a new playful interactive experience and a more user friendly app architecture. This project was 3 weeks long for Interface Design I instructed by Karen Cheng and Audrey Desjardins designed by Ksenia Ivanova, Nouela Johnston, and Theresa Utanto.
Google Hangouts Image 1 Google Hangouts Image 2