Lunaria Space Tourism Vehicle

A collaborative project with TEAGUE aimed at showcasing the wonders of space, while mitigating the stress of a foreign environment. Our team’s primary focus was creating comfortable personal space for rest and reflection and also an open public space for group experiences. Plants are incorporated throughout the space to invoke a terrestrial feel and provide a sense of home. Large windows are also present throughout the space to provide breathtaking views of space.
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Microsoft Nudge

Microsoft Nudge is a line of AI-assisted products aimed at encouraging owners to spend more quality time with their dogs. Nudge includes an interactive leash hook that caters to you and your dog's specific needs by suggesting new walking routes and durations. The line also includes a roller toy that helps your dog stay active when they have to be home alone. Together they communicate, to ensure both you and your dog are spending time wisely and improving your relationship, resulting in happy dogs and happy owners.
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With cooking, there are so many things going on at once: there’s asparagus in the oven, there’s chicken on the pan, and oh my god the pot is boiling over.

Multitasking can be intimidating for beginners. Umami is a watch-like wearable that walks them through the chaos, step by step. By making recipes glanceable and providing contextual timers for specific tasks, users can focus on the task at hand and keep an eye on what’s coming up next.

Umami isn’t scared of greasy fingers. The case comes right off and can be easily cleaned.
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