Kinection Dog Park

The Kinection Dog Park utilizes Microsoft AI technology and a strategic layout to create multiple levels of involvement for both dogs and their owners. Composed of a Kinection Trail and numerous arenas, dogs and their owners can focus on everything from agility training, to early socialization and water activities. An overall circular shape with frosted acrylic barriers provides a tranquil environment.

The Kinection Trail, which borders the arenas in a circular formation, utilizes an intertwined path and dense foliage to allow dogs to become acclimated to one another. The intertwined paths also allow the dogs to familiarize themselves with each others’ scents, while still maintaining a reasonable distance, a technique known amongst trainers as “parallel walking”. After taking a walk along the trail, suggestions are then made as to the best arena(s) for each dog and the most compatible dog(s) currently playing at the park.
1 Dogparkphotos Edge 2 2 Dogpark Sketch 1 3 Dogpark Playring 4 Dogpark Sketch 3 5 Dogparkphotos Temp 22

Shelter +

A temporary, affordable shelter that is easy to assemble and portable, providing protection during severe weather conditions to homeless individuals in King County. Shelter + is constructed from material that is readily available at local hardware stores. It features a twin wall plastic shell and an insulated core. Assembly is just as efficient, because it slots together with pre-cut tabs and requires no tools. A solar strip on the top of Shelter + allows for individuals to have light during the dark winter months. This is not a means to end homelessness, but a tool to make living conditions on the streets less severe.
1 Shelter Render Insitu 2 Shelter Render Sideview 3 Shelter Render Insitu Solarpanels 4 Shelter Render Topview 5 Shelter Render Isometric Top

Lunaria Space Tourism Vehicle

A collaborative project with TEAGUE aimed at showcasing the wonders of space, while mitigating the stress of a foreign environment. Our team’s primary focus was creating comfortable personal space for rest and reflection and also an open public space for group experiences. Plants are incorporated throughout the space to invoke a terrestrial feel and provide a sense of home. Large windows are also present throughout the space to provide breathtaking views of space.
1 Vehicle 2 Vehiclepublic 5 Sleepingpodmattress 4 Sleepingpodmagnetic 3 Sleepingpodmedia

Stage AR

Stage AR is a collaborative scene staging platform that lets anyone create and present life-size scenes in Mixed Reality using a smart library of pre-made 3D assets. It was built to be used by the eventual everyday, un-trained HoloLens owner. Someone who understands the benefits of presenting an idea in full-size, lifelike 3D through their experiences using MR and would like to leverage it for their own purposes but doesn't know how.