Microsoft Tail

An AI enhanced robot that monitors dog's activity and provide stimulation automatically to keep the dog active when the owner is busy. The robot has a magnetic tail for chase play and can be easily detached when the dog catches it. Using AI algorithm and camera monitor, the robot is able to detect boredom from the dog and provide different play activities accordingly.
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Lunar Quest: Moon Tourism 2030

Interior architecture for a space tourism vehicle in the year 2030. The journey was inspired by camping trips into the wilderness since this would be an adventure into the great and hostile unknown. Similar to the function of a tent on these trips, the expandable sleeping pods gives enough space to sleep, change clothes, and do any other activities that require privacy, while ultimately allowing the passengers full freedom to move around the space. The rest of the features, such as the interactive screen window and panoramic dome, give people the true sense of exploration and discovery with their journey into the final frontier.
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CLIP: Urban Gardening Shears

Garden shears redesigned to fit into an urban indoor gardening environment. Minimal aesthetics over the complex bulky forms most shears have. The hook on the handle allows the shears to be hung on the side of a plant pot when not in use.
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