Holographic Flight Performance Display

Modern flight displays are difficult to decipher during complex situations, and pilots have difficulty trusting autopilot systems during more complicated maneuvers. For this project I wanted to take advantage of augmented reality to give pilots a better idea of the orientation of their plane by creating an interface that was three dimensional and useful without replacing the displays that they've trained and depended on in the past. The holographic flight performance display visualizes the plane's position and autopilot's intent as a three dimensional aircraft with the most important flight components visualized intuitively around it.


Catapult is a group of project-mapped interfaces that make the family home more fun, enhancing experiences that are inherently not screen based. Catapult includes four key interfaces:
– Family Frames are a set of modular blank canvas’ that enable the projector to map out a living scrapbook. Family members can share photos, videos and audio messages to their personal frame.
– The Companion app allows individuals to update and post content to their frames, enabling them to maintain a virtual presence in their home.
– The Catapult Controller lets the user dial back in time, accessing photo archives previously posted to the Family Frames. It also functions as a more delightful way to control functions such as lighting in whatever space its in.
– The Main Projector enhances experiences like cooking, to bring families together around every day tasks in a ludic way.

Stage AR

Stage AR is a collaborative scene staging platform that lets anyone create and present life-size scenes in Mixed Reality using a smart library of pre-made 3D assets. It was built to be used by the eventual everyday, un-trained HoloLens owner. Someone who understands the benefits of presenting an idea in full-size, lifelike 3D through their experiences using MR and would like to leverage it for their own purposes but doesn't know how.