LIV is an experimental storytelling project. Chronicling the launch of a fictitious pop star’s first single release, LIV explores modern pop conventions, sexism in the music industry, and fan culture. The voice of LIV is found through her official zine, site, and social media posts.

Creating an alter ego was supposed to protect me from the harsh scrutiny that pop stars face. However, I found myself falling victim to the same pressures I sought to parody. The choice to obscure my face was intended to be commentary on the personal anonymity of women in music, but midway through the project, I realized it was another attempt to shield myself from personal critique. Only once I let go and disconnected myself from this character was I able to feel free. This is the conclusion that LIV also comes to at the end of the zine.
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Tool Library App

The Seattle Tool Library is a free lending library for tools in the Wedgwood neighborhood of Seattle. A Community-built nonprofit, the library aims to increase accessibility, education, and sustainability through events, classes, and a large selection of tools available for borrowing. The mobile application carries the spirit of their organization into the digital world, offering instant access to a community of likeminded craftspeople across the Seattle area. Members can easily search and reserve tools, as well as register for classes and events to help bring their creations to life.

The Sock Snock

The Sock Snock is the story of a sentient pile of laundry written, illustrated, designed, and bound for Publication Design in Fall 2017. The story explains the popular phenomenon of losing socks in the laundry while introducing children to the more complex concepts of depression, isolation, and, ultimately, friendship.
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Here & Queer

Here & Queer is a concept for a self-guided queer history walking tour of Capitol Hill, Seattle. Participants visit the LGBT Visitor’s Center on North Broadway to pick up a map of 8 historic locations on the hill. At each stop, they receive a souvenir enamel pin. After collecting all 8 pins and returning to the start of the tour, a celebratory print poster outlining the history of LGBTQ rights both in Seattle and nationwide is available as a final prize.
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