Tool Library App

The Seattle Tool Library is a free lending library for tools in the Wedgwood neighborhood of Seattle. A Community-built nonprofit, the library aims to increase accessibility, education, and sustainability through events, classes, and a large selection of tools available for borrowing. The mobile application carries the spirit of their organization into the digital world, offering instant access to a community of likeminded craftspeople across the Seattle area. Members can easily search and reserve tools, as well as register for classes and events to help bring their creations to life.

Google Hangouts Redesign

This Google Hangouts Redesign for iOS is a fun interactive chat and video call app. It is intended for hanging out with friends online. To achieve this, we created the Hangouts Circle, a fun interactive feature that users can scroll through to easily access their closest friends through many views in the app. It is friendship-focused and works to maintain tight-knit communities while protecting user’s privacy. The prompt was to improve the user interface of your assigned communication/VoIP app and address the pain points for series of functionalities. The result was an experimental redesign that incorporated a new playful interactive experience and a more user friendly app architecture. This project was 3 weeks long for Interface Design I instructed by Karen Cheng and Audrey Desjardins designed by Ksenia Ivanova, Nouela Johnston, and Theresa Utanto.
Google Hangouts Image 1 Google Hangouts Image 2

Stage AR

Stage AR is a collaborative scene staging platform that lets anyone create and present life-size scenes in Mixed Reality using a smart library of pre-made 3D assets. It was built to be used by the eventual everyday, un-trained HoloLens owner. Someone who understands the benefits of presenting an idea in full-size, lifelike 3D through their experiences using MR and would like to leverage it for their own purposes but doesn't know how.