Astra: Commercial Space Travel

Astra is a conceptual look at future commercial space travel. As the technology required to bring humans into space becomes more accessible by private companies, the considerations for user experiences in microgravity must change as well.
The interior spacecraft design focuses on creating a personalized and communal living space for 4 tourists on an 8-day journey around the moon. The design features individual sleeping pods separated by soft-touch dividers that can be rolled away or left in place, allowing users to smoothly transition between private, semi-private and social spaces. This modularity ensures that the passengers will have an adaptive and accommodating traveling experience.
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MINO Cutting Board for Athletes

Nutrition is one of the most important things for athletes. However, dieting for athletes has become more of a numbers game, weighing ingredients and limiting calories. MINO is designed to streamline this process, so athletes can focus more on cooking great meals that are both healthy and tasty. With a built in system that can identify, weigh, and display information about your food, MINO helps you open up your cooking, all the while keeping an eye on what you're eating.
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Clean Label

Clean Label is an exhibition that empowers consumers to buy clothing from brands that align with their personal values and highlights prevalent issues in the fashion industry. Through a guided laundromat experience, visitors are invited to view their clothing – their laundry – as possessions of power, and the brands they wear as representative of their values.

Clean Label is your #1 laundromat for keeping your closet fresh and your consumerism intentional.
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Sherlock and Watson

Most dogs are under stimulated, meaning that they’re often bored or sleeping. They also have natural skills they want to develop: using their ears, eyes, and noses to hunt for food. Collaborating with Microsoft, we designed AI-powered devices that keep dogs stimulated throughout the day and help develop their skills by having them hunt for food.

Sherlock and Watson devices use lights, sounds, and smells, to create a game for dogs to play. Dogs become little detectives and chase down these stimulants, in the process, exploring the home and finding patterns to earn food.
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