Doodle is a simple technological device that helps grandparents and young grandchildren stay more connected. Both the grandparents and grandchildren own a Doodle tablet and pen, which are connected through the internet. Whenever one of them draws or writes on one device, the drawing appears on the other tablet as well. When the Doodle tablet is not being used for drawing or writing, its stand can be opened to display the latest drawing, similar to a picture frame. In this way, grandparents and grandchildren can communicate easily and regularly, and enjoy each other’s creations as a part of their everyday lives. They can interact with Doodle at any time and leave messages that the other can see when they next have time.
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Cradle is a camera and two-piece bed system for cat shelters, designed to reduce a cat’s stress and improve the bond between them and humans.  Using artificial intelligence, the camera detects what part of a daily cycle each individual cat is in, and then wirelessly displays this mental state on that cat’s personal indicator bar. This works to increase the adoptability of the cats by informing visitors how to interact with the animal, creating a positive experience for both pet and potential owner. Cradle also works to reduce the stress of shelter cats by providing them with ownership of an object through the soft bed liner. This removable liner stays with them in the shelter, folds into the carrier during the stressful transition home, and then provides a scent based source of familiarity once placed in their new home.
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Koala is a minimal task manager app and wearable, designed to help prevent stress in college students. First the user inputs tasks and due dates and assigns icons with the koala app on their phone, which allows them to “brain dump” and visually see what needs to get done and by when. They can then select up to four tasks each day to sync with their wearable; this helps users prioritize what they need to do, sorting through what is most important so that they can effectively complete tasks. The wearable indicates these synced tasks, and the user can turn off each task as it is completed by tapping the respective icon on the wearable. Having a wearable component helps the user stay focused by reducing the number of times they look at their phone where there are many potential distractions.
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