Love in the time of algorithms; Epi is a companion that helps couples navigate the mixed bag of emotions that is a relationship. A quiet but active observer, Epi mediates by making objections and suggestions, asking questions, recalling prior altercations, and establishing ground rules in order to reduce conflict and relationship anxiety. Our team formed a research plan around the topic of modern dating and determined insights and principles that guided our final design.

Team included Rick Paz, MHCI + D.
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We’ve all had the experience of walking by something interesting or funny on the street and wishing we had someone to share it with. We think of a perfect joke, but with no one there to hear it, we have to let let it slip away. To answer this desire to share reactions, we designed Imprints. This augmented reality system allows you to leave an impression of your reactions in physical space via text or ghosted 3D figures. Seen on a grand scale, webs of Imprints communicate the culture of a location and allow people to share the small wonders they experience every day.
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