Astra: Commercial Space Travel

Astra is a conceptual look at future commercial space travel. As the technology required to bring humans into space becomes more accessible by private companies, the considerations for user experiences in microgravity must change as well.
The interior spacecraft design focuses on creating a personalized and communal living space for 4 tourists on an 8-day journey around the moon. The design features individual sleeping pods separated by soft-touch dividers that can be rolled away or left in place, allowing users to smoothly transition between private, semi-private and social spaces. This modularity ensures that the passengers will have an adaptive and accommodating traveling experience.
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Whistlle K9 Smart Camera

Whistlle is an Ai-powered smart camera that improves the raw data collection and safety of working dogs.
The success of these working dogs (like bomb dogs, narcotics dogs, scent dogs, K9 units, etc.) relies heavily on the interspecies communication between a canine and their handler. The ai-powered camera in the device utilizes machine learning and GPS to understand search patterns and actively highlight for points of interest for a handler via Smartphone. Whistlle can also work in the opposite direction, issuing commands to the canine when the handler is out of range.
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Between the Lines.

Between The Lines is a concept for a 28-day educational exhibit on the Seattle Public Library's fourth floor. This installation is intended to reeducate all people on periods and elevate the voices of people whose stories haven fallen between the lines in order to present the social inequity in the way periods are currently treated in an accessible and relatable way. The information is presented through five personal testimonies sharing their experiences with the issues of period education and taboos, periods in prison, periods and gender, periods and poverty, and period changes.
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