The Disillusioned Designer's Guide to Socialist Design

As a way to combine politics, philosophy, humor, and design, this handbook was created out of thorough research, coming up with a way to rethink how we do design. The intent was to design it in a more welcoming fashion than most politics or philosophy books so that it is not as intimidating to read. The dust jacket unfolds into a double-sided poster to bring home the more fun-loving aspect of the piece. ¡Viva la Revolución! (Just kidding, revolution is not always the best way to bring change).
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Ecosophy Conference

This project was for a class on conference branding and design run by Chris Ozubko in which we each got to design every aspect of a theoretical conference. Our only guideline was that the conference had to be about wood in some way. My conference ended up being an ecology conference to take place in Finland, with a theme of the human impact on woodland ecosystems. I approached this project wanting to somehow tie in illustration, which led to my initial thought of illustrating endangered woodland species. To tie this more into the urgent aspect, I included plants growing from the animals to show how the two were innately tied and both needed to be preserved.
Billboard Final Poster Iliakis Ecosophy Page 07 Notebook

Museum of Pop Rebrand

When redesigning MoPop, my first inclination was that it had to be fun and less modern/neutral like its current brand. Because of its appeal to an audience of both old and young, I thought I would try to bring out how MoPop bridges the gap between older pop culture and contemporary fandoms. To do this I combined a formal serif typeface with a bold display sans serif. The colors and graphical elements are inspired by classic 3-D glasses since they can bring both nostalgia and excitement to the audience. I wanted the brand to feel as a play on the formality of classic museums to be a fun getaway for any sort of fan.
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The Harlem Sunset

This project was for a publication design class taught by Jayme Yen, and has morphed into a personal project of mine that is ongoing. The Harlem Sunset is a graphic novel project that my friend Emily Barr and I developed in high school. It recounts a story about an Italian mobster and a New York beat cop in 1920s New York. Two parallel stories take place in the graphic novel, the cop's point-of-view in the visuals and panels, and the mobster's written in the narrative text (written by Emily Barr).
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