From Stadium to Street Publication

"From Stadium to Street" first explores the development of uniforms from simple clothing to specially engineered fabrics. From there, it examines how fans have taken these designs and introduced them into everyday fashion, to the extent of non-sports fans even bearing them. Finally, it looks into the advances in sports apparel going forward and how factors such as technology and advertising will influence how fans interact with their gear and sports themselves.
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Museum of Pop Culture Rebrand

The Museum of Pop Culture, formerly known as the Experience Music Project, is a museum in Seattle, Washington dedicated to pop culture memorabilia. It has rotating exhibitions along with permanent exhibitions that show images and objects from every part of pop culture from movies to music to television shows. It also plays host to events and concerts. In order to encompass every facet of the museum along with new exhibits, I wanted to create an identity that would be versatile enough to change with each new exhibit and be the foundation for the brand of the museum itself.
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Corps/Bodies Publication

Corps/Bodies is a reimagination of a 16-page section of the 2009 book “La Photographie N’est Pas L’Art”, which highlights the collection of surrealist photography of Sylvio Perlstein. The original publication separated images based on subject matter, of which “Bodies” was one. In the text, the authors describe Perlstein's home, whose walls were adorned with the images. To allude to this sense of immersion into his home, the images in the redesigned publication gradually increase in scale, frequency, and proximity until each image takes up an entire page. Certain elements from the original were kept, such as the section of blue pages. In addition, the work aims to feel scattered, hinting at the subject matter and surrealism in general.
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