Hero on The Importance of a Friend

This video project explores what a short documentary focused around my dogs would be like. What would they say, what would their interests be? I took on the task of voicing my dog, Hero, and tried to stay as true to his character as best I could. My dogs have been a very important part of my life and I really enjoyed getting to do a project based around them in school.

MOPOP Re-brand

The EMP in Seattle recently renamed itself to the Museum of Pop-Culture, and is now referred to as MoPOP. With this project I explored what different directions this young brand could have taken and came up with my own new style guide for MoPOP. I used bright colors in the brand to help it stand out, but left the rest of the design very clean and simple so that the exhibits themselves would be what kept the viewer's attention.
Business Cards Letterhead Mopop Ads Final Magazine Cover Mopop Guidlines Page 09