American Dreaming

What really is the American Dream? Can it simply be defined with one goal or aspiration? How does an illegal immigrant define the dream? What about a naturalized citizen? How do you define the American Dream? Everyone has a uniquely captivating story that should be heard. With that concept in mind, American Dreaming was created with the purpose of sharing the incredible stories of a few immigrants. But there are still thousands more to be told. Together we are a nation of dreamers. Together we can create our own America. Together we can define the American Dream.
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Ashbury Typeface

As a team we created Ashbury with inspiration taken from an original typeface found in Oakland, CA. We began by creating our control letters and later matching our future letterforms. After many detailed critique sessions, we finalized our typeface. The large bowls, short descenders and cap height made the font funky and unique. Our final poster design was inspired by the center of hippie counter culture, Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, CA.
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Vida is a system of interfaces that motivates and teaches children environmentally sustainable habits for the home. Children are motivated by their own customizable gaming world that lives within a tabletop screen. Each time a child positively interacts with a Vida product, they receive resources that can be used within their gaming world. Carrying and syncing their Vida pod to the shower, recycle cans, and nightlight dock throughout their home tracks their progress and displays resource usage visually. This system shows their progress which they can then show off to their parents—this creates a dialogue.
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