Momento is a restaurant, test kitchen focused on on creating cultural appreciation through food and storytelling. Momento’s test kitchen service gives chefs an opportunity to test and perfect their recipes in an environment with low financial and time risks. The restaurant features a different region every rotation lasting at least a few months. Each rotation, it gives the opportunity for the featured chef to tell a story and intent behind his or her food. Our website features an overview of the current journey, in this case, Korea, an introduction to the chef, as well as the menu for guests to look at to plan their visit.
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Power Plant

In response to the disconnect many consumers feel between energy use and environmental impact, we created a mechanical plant that would be linked into the user's home power grid. Like watering a plant, the Power Plant will prompt the user to check in every day to see how your energy use is comparing to your past use and your neighbor's. This data will be visualized in terms of the plant physically dying for excessive energy use, and returning to good health when use is improved. When the leaves are touched, the plant greets the user and offers advice on how to improve energy efficiency. This model was built with Arduino technology and has or mimics all functionality.
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What the FAQ?

“What the FAQ?” is an exhibition design concept that focuses on raising awareness of college stress and incorporating steps to help reduce it. It includes a representations of “stressed” spaces and “balanced” spaces, from which students would gather toolkit items to help encourage them to take small steps to live a healthier lifestyle.
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Google Hangouts Redesign

This Google Hangouts Redesign for iOS is a fun interactive chat and video call app. It is intended for hanging out with friends online. To achieve this, we created the Hangouts Circle, a fun interactive feature that users can scroll through to easily access their closest friends through many views in the app. It is friendship-focused and works to maintain tight-knit communities while protecting user’s privacy. The prompt was to improve the user interface of your assigned communication/VoIP app and address the pain points for series of functionalities. The result was an experimental redesign that incorporated a new playful interactive experience and a more user friendly app architecture. This project was 3 weeks long for Interface Design I instructed by Karen Cheng and Audrey Desjardins designed by Ksenia Ivanova, Nouela Johnston, and Theresa Utanto.
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