On average a person in America spends 10 hours and 39 minutes each day looking at screens to consume media. Playfare demonstrates the 'fare for playing' on the internet by juxtaposing data from multiple sources that showcases evident change happening on large problems on the planet. It’s an interactive data visualization that is live online.
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Homeo is a multi-interfaced system aimed at helping reduce energy and water consumption in the household.

The application tracks utility usage for a week, identifying habits and use fluctuations, and afterward proposes realistic goals to meet (ex. minimize spending by 15%).

This one-size-fits-all approach gives more autonomy over the process and helps people save energy and money. A standardized measurement would feel too constricting.

Usage is represented as a fluctuation from an ideal use rate, so there's always complete clarity of how you're doing. Organisms regulate temperature and nutrient levels through the process of homeostasis – maintenance of an ideal balance; we figured, so too could the home.

The interfaces are a mobile app, and mountable displays called “Receptors” that show current usage for targeted, problem-area appliances.
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