Flex Stand Up Paddle Board

As more people are moving to small urban apartments, the ability to store large objects becomes difficult. The Flex Stand Up Paddle Board provides active professionals with paddling performance similar to a rigid paddle board while minimizing the hassle of storage and transportation. Folding up into 1/3 of the length of a typical board, Flex fits in a standard closet and can be placed in the trunk of a car for easy transport.

To construct the prototype, templates were cut from cross sections in the 3D CAD model. Each template was then used to size pieces of foam which were all stacked on a set of dowels that helped to keep the alignment straight. From there, the foam was hand sanded down to a rough form and finally finished smooth using an electric sander.
1 Backpack Drill Shape

Ashbury Typeface

As a team we created Ashbury with inspiration taken from an original typeface found in Oakland, CA. We began by creating our control letters and later matching our future letterforms. After many detailed critique sessions, we finalized our typeface. The large bowls, short descenders and cap height made the font funky and unique. Our final poster design was inspired by the center of hippie counter culture, Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, CA.
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Microsoft Nudge

Microsoft Nudge is a line of AI-assisted products aimed at encouraging owners to spend more quality time with their dogs. Nudge includes an interactive leash hook that caters to you and your dog's specific needs by suggesting new walking routes and durations. The line also includes a roller toy that helps your dog stay active when they have to be home alone. Together they communicate, to ensure both you and your dog are spending time wisely and improving your relationship, resulting in happy dogs and happy owners.
Nudge 5 Nudge 4 Nudge 3 Nudge 2 Nudge 1