Things That Confuse Us

Things That Confuse Us is a microsite and visual diary exploring Korean-American identity. The site features images and reflection writings from past experiences, structured as answers to questions we have heard growing up that push us closer to or farther away from our cultural identity. With overlapping and haphazard popups the site immerses the user in a state of confusion to illustrate our ongoing journey with our identity and being okay with existing in an in-between space.
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Diver is a children’s book loosely based on the “haenyeo.” They are deep sea divers that live on Jeju Island in South Korea, representing what may be the last generation of this profession. The book follows a young girl who meets one of these divers. All illustrations were first created by hand with cut paper, then digitally edited and color-corrected. Original body text was added to the digital spreads. The book has an exposed coptic binding and an accompanying booklet at the end that gives more detailed information about the divers.
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Clean Label

Clean Label is an exhibition that empowers consumers to buy clothing from brands that align with their personal values and highlights prevalent issues in the fashion industry. Through a guided laundromat experience, visitors are invited to view their clothing – their laundry – as possessions of power, and the brands they wear as representative of their values.

Clean Label is your #1 laundromat for keeping your closet fresh and your consumerism intentional.
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