Teddy Sleepyhead: A Video Game

Weird noises, nightmares, flickering lights–nighttime is full of things trying to keep us up. Luckily, teddy bears are night warriors, protecting their owners from these terrors. Every night, Teddy Sleepyhead navigates down through sleep’s enemies to catch Z’s and unlock well-restedness before sunrise. Teddy Sleepyhead takes a spin on the classic 2D platformer by utilizing vertical movement; teddy's journey takes him down into deep sleep while enemies try to keep him up. I built and designed this game entirely myself (with a little bit of coding help here and there).
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Living Small: A book about tiny homes

Living Small is a book that explores the experience of living in a tiny home. I interviewed three homeowners about why they decided to live small, how they create storage, how they curate their spaces, and much more. I organized those candid answers into chapters to create the backbone of the book, with extra resources and case studies tucked in throughout. I researched, designed and hand-bound the book myself.
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Raising Ballard

Expensive housing and outdated zoning laws are some of Seattle's most pressing issues right now. Fortunately, Seattle city council has a new plan, Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA), to encourage affordable development going forward. Many citizens are against or uninformed about the policies, making it difficult to implement city-wide. This infographic mailer seeks to explain and garner support for MHA by making data friendly, understandable, and relevant to Ballard's specific neighborhood culture.
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Grain Conference

Grain is an imaginary, weeklong conference for woodworking professionals (and aspiring professionals) to participate in technique workshops, skill sharing, and wood building. This brand focuses on the sensory experience of wood – its texture and look and feeling. It's all about celebrating the long history of wooden products, and the skill it takes to craft something with bare hands.
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