Plantagon is an indoor farm for those who want to learn how to grow plants. It focuses on educating amateur gardener on how to grow plants; it promotes the interaction between human and technology by providing the status of plants so the users can act accordingly. The module system allows flexibility in the environment as well. Users can choose how many modules to attach based on the space their home has, and how many plants they want to grow.
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Critter Learning System

Critter learning system is a monitor paired with a handheld device that allows students to actively learn about proper pet care and other subjects. Data from the monitor can be used for various class subjects and the handheld device assigns tasks and assignments. The monitor system is non-invasive and allows for easy installation. It can be mounted on an open top habitat or fitted between bars on a closed top habitat. The orientation can also shift from horizontal to vertical.
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With cooking, there are so many things going on at once: there’s asparagus in the oven, there’s chicken on the pan, and oh my god the pot is boiling over.

Multitasking can be intimidating for beginners. Umami is a watch-like wearable that walks them through the chaos, step by step. By making recipes glanceable and providing contextual timers for specific tasks, users can focus on the task at hand and keep an eye on what’s coming up next.

Umami isn’t scared of greasy fingers. The case comes right off and can be easily cleaned.
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We’ve all had the experience of walking by something interesting or funny on the street and wishing we had someone to share it with. We think of a perfect joke, but with no one there to hear it, we have to let let it slip away. To answer this desire to share reactions, we designed Imprints. This augmented reality system allows you to leave an impression of your reactions in physical space via text or ghosted 3D figures. Seen on a grand scale, webs of Imprints communicate the culture of a location and allow people to share the small wonders they experience every day.
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