As a result of gun violence that occurs in schools and urban areas, untrained everyday people often find themselves to be the first responders in high-stress emergency environments. In these situations, time is extremely critical and up to a fifth of the fatalities that occur from gunshot wounds could have been prevented if bleeding had been controlled before medical professionals were available to administer aid. Current kits designed to deal with blood hemorrhaging are not immediately clear to inexperienced users and require prior training to utilize quickly and correctly.

G.TEK (Gunshot Trauma Emergency Kit) contains the essential tools for dealing with gunshot wounds in a portable and organized form. In one opening motion the responder has left to right instructions coordinated with the proper tools for the situation. The reversible packaging, that also displays the instructions, separates the two types of wound areas and only presents the user with the information and instruments they need for the specific injury they are dealing with. By removing unnecessary elements and modifying current tools to fit the experience level of the user, G.TEK allows untrained individuals to prevent blood hemorrhaging in vital situations even with limited or no experience.
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Cradle is a camera and two-piece bed system for cat shelters, designed to reduce a cat’s stress and improve the bond between them and humans.  Using artificial intelligence, the camera detects what part of a daily cycle each individual cat is in, and then wirelessly displays this mental state on that cat’s personal indicator bar. This works to increase the adoptability of the cats by informing visitors how to interact with the animal, creating a positive experience for both pet and potential owner. Cradle also works to reduce the stress of shelter cats by providing them with ownership of an object through the soft bed liner. This removable liner stays with them in the shelter, folds into the carrier during the stressful transition home, and then provides a scent based source of familiarity once placed in their new home.
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Lunar Quest: Moon Tourism 2030

Interior architecture for a space tourism vehicle in the year 2030. The journey was inspired by camping trips into the wilderness since this would be an adventure into the great and hostile unknown. Similar to the function of a tent on these trips, the expandable sleeping pods gives enough space to sleep, change clothes, and do any other activities that require privacy, while ultimately allowing the passengers full freedom to move around the space. The rest of the features, such as the interactive screen window and panoramic dome, give people the true sense of exploration and discovery with their journey into the final frontier.
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APIS Goalie Glove

Done in collaboration with the UW women’s club soccer team, the APIS goalie glove incorporates padding technology strong enough to protect players without sacrificing their performance ability. The most common injuries among the players in the goalie position are hyperextension of the index and pinky finger, as well as wrist strain. These injuries were the main focus point of the rigid, yet flexible design as they were not adequately addressed in goalies’ current equipment. The APIS glove utilizes geometric padding that is able to lock against itself when forced backwards, providing a rigid structure to prevent hyperextension upon impact. The same pattern creates flexibility for the forward movement of the fingers, therefore allowing full range of motion during a game.
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