Lindsey K Collection

For professionals in wheelchairs and power chairs, the simple act of getting dressed for work can be a painful, prolonged endeavor. Limited mobility can transform common clothing details like tight sleeves, stiff pants, tiny fastenings, and pointy embellishments into insurmountable limitations on clothing options. That limited choice can lead to difficulties appearing professional, being taken seriously, and even feeling as though one has any control over how one is perceived as an individual. Existing ‘adaptable’ options, often aimed at an institutional market, are either laughably embarrassing or prohibitively expensive. Rarer still are the adaptable options suitable for an office environment.

The Lindsey K collection was developed to redefine the idea of ‘adaptable’ clothing as not merely addressing the problems of getting dressed, but as adding to the experience of being dressed. With clothing that provides a professional image and expressive style, the Lindsey K collection hopes to help professionals in wheelchairs define their own image, instead of being defined by the limitations of their mobility.
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Kinector is a wearable device that is inspired by our research conducted around the relationship between patients and physical therapists. Kintector aims to build a connection and creating as many intersection points between patients and physical therapists as well as putting as much information as possible into the patients' hands.
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Power Plant

In response to the disconnect many consumers feel between energy use and environmental impact, we created a mechanical plant that would be linked into the user's home power grid. Like watering a plant, the Power Plant will prompt the user to check in every day to see how your energy use is comparing to your past use and your neighbor's. This data will be visualized in terms of the plant physically dying for excessive energy use, and returning to good health when use is improved. When the leaves are touched, the plant greets the user and offers advice on how to improve energy efficiency. This model was built with Arduino technology and has or mimics all functionality.
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Lunaria Space Tourism Vehicle

A collaborative project with TEAGUE aimed at showcasing the wonders of space, while mitigating the stress of a foreign environment. Our team’s primary focus was creating comfortable personal space for rest and reflection and also an open public space for group experiences. Plants are incorporated throughout the space to invoke a terrestrial feel and provide a sense of home. Large windows are also present throughout the space to provide breathtaking views of space.
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Pet Safari

Cats are most energetic at dawn and dusk, which causes problems when people are not around to play with them in the home. Sponsored by Microsoft, the Pet Safari is an AI/AR system that projects the shape of small animals onto the floor and walls of the home for cats to chase at energetic times of the day; it learns the cat's preferences and operates solely on AI, or can be played as a game between owner and pet.
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