Lux 372

Lux 372 is a minimalistic and versatile bag that can be used for school, work, or travel. Having a bag that suits your commuting and travel needs ensures that you have your essentials to face the day. For this project, Seattle commuters were given surveys and interviewed about how they feel about the daily use of their bags. User responses were mainly concerned about having easy access pockets, style, and comfort during their commute.

This bag was made by creating multiple iterations of paper patterning and muslin test pieces in order to achieve the bag’s final shape. In its entirety, this bag was completely hand cut, sewn, and bound at the seams.
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Lunar Quest: Moon Tourism 2030

Interior architecture for a space tourism vehicle in the year 2030. The journey was inspired by camping trips into the wilderness since this would be an adventure into the great and hostile unknown. Similar to the function of a tent on these trips, the expandable sleeping pods gives enough space to sleep, change clothes, and do any other activities that require privacy, while ultimately allowing the passengers full freedom to move around the space. The rest of the features, such as the interactive screen window and panoramic dome, give people the true sense of exploration and discovery with their journey into the final frontier.
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Critter Learning System

Critter learning system is a monitor paired with a handheld device that allows students to actively learn about proper pet care and other subjects. Data from the monitor can be used for various class subjects and the handheld device assigns tasks and assignments. The monitor system is non-invasive and allows for easy installation. It can be mounted on an open top habitat or fitted between bars on a closed top habitat. The orientation can also shift from horizontal to vertical.
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Iku Tea Series

A product line of tea brewing accessories which includes a tea pot and travel infuser. Brewing tea at home or on the go allows the user a moment of peace and tranquility during their day. The Iku Tea Series allows a unique brewing experience that allows the user to view the entire infusion process once hot water is poured into the vessel. Ideally these products would have glass vessels with bamboo lids to create a light, minimalistic aesthetic. For this project, the final white models were 3D printed and CNC milled.
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