Momento is a restaurant, test kitchen focused on on creating cultural appreciation through food and storytelling. Momento’s test kitchen service gives chefs an opportunity to test and perfect their recipes in an environment with low financial and time risks. The restaurant features a different region every rotation lasting at least a few months. Each rotation, it gives the opportunity for the featured chef to tell a story and intent behind his or her food. Our website features an overview of the current journey, in this case, Korea, an introduction to the chef, as well as the menu for guests to look at to plan their visit.
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Becoming a new citizen can be time consuming and stressful, with the naturalization test dependent on memorization. Natio is a review app with secondary English speakers and an older age demographic in mind. With a simple interface and playful graphic elements, users can study with straightforward review modes while immersed in a personable environment.

Done in collaboration with Julie Kim and Kate Degman.
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Ashbury Typeface

As a team we created Ashbury with inspiration taken from an original typeface found in Oakland, CA. We began by creating our control letters and later matching our future letterforms. After many detailed critique sessions, we finalized our typeface. The large bowls, short descenders and cap height made the font funky and unique. Our final poster design was inspired by the center of hippie counter culture, Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, CA.
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What the FAQ?

“What the FAQ?” is an exhibition design concept that focuses on raising awareness of college stress and incorporating steps to help reduce it. It includes a representations of “stressed” spaces and “balanced” spaces, from which students would gather toolkit items to help encourage them to take small steps to live a healthier lifestyle.
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