Lunaria Space Tourism Vehicle

A collaborative project with TEAGUE aimed at showcasing the wonders of space, while mitigating the stress of a foreign environment. Our team’s primary focus was creating comfortable personal space for rest and reflection and also an open public space for group experiences. Plants are incorporated throughout the space to invoke a terrestrial feel and provide a sense of home. Large windows are also present throughout the space to provide breathtaking views of space.
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Whistlle K9 Smart Camera

Whistlle is an Ai-powered smart camera that improves the raw data collection and safety of working dogs.
The success of these working dogs (like bomb dogs, narcotics dogs, scent dogs, K9 units, etc.) relies heavily on the interspecies communication between a canine and their handler. The ai-powered camera in the device utilizes machine learning and GPS to understand search patterns and actively highlight for points of interest for a handler via Smartphone. Whistlle can also work in the opposite direction, issuing commands to the canine when the handler is out of range.
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APIS Goalie Glove

Done in collaboration with the UW women’s club soccer team, the APIS goalie glove incorporates padding technology strong enough to protect players without sacrificing their performance ability. The most common injuries among the players in the goalie position are hyperextension of the index and pinky finger, as well as wrist strain. These injuries were the main focus point of the rigid, yet flexible design as they were not adequately addressed in goalies’ current equipment. The APIS glove utilizes geometric padding that is able to lock against itself when forced backwards, providing a rigid structure to prevent hyperextension upon impact. The same pattern creates flexibility for the forward movement of the fingers, therefore allowing full range of motion during a game.
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