The Passion Project

The Passion Project is a collaboration by three curious design students looking to discover what it means to “pursue your passions.”

We made our way across the country and back in 53 days to interview 20 designers and other creatives about what their passions look like today, how they got there, and where their passions will take them.

With the help of our Honda Accord, cameras, coffee and podcasts we created a video series to document these inspiring stories and our journey across the country.

Much love, spiltmilk.
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Tearing Down & Building Up

Tearing Down & Building Up is an exhibition concept that celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Office of Minority and Diversity Affairs at the University of Washington. The five walls represent the five demands made during the 1968 occupation of the UW president's office, and uses the visual language of construction to demonstrate tearing down in order to build up. This concept was completed and built in the North Allen Library on the UW Campus as "Revolution and Evolution".

Final exhibition designed and implemented by Studio Matthews, exhibition photography by Ben Benschneider
Main concept and visual language ideation by Angela Piccolo, Christen Miyasato, Monica Niehaus, and Samantha Spaeth
Information and timeline layout concept by Dana Golan, Eva Grate, and Jazmine Hoyle
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Seattle Public Library Rebrand

The Seattle Public Libraries is a space for the Seattle community to come together to explore, learn, inspire and be inspired.

The current brand fails to present the liveliness of the branches and the diverse, wide range of resources that the libraries offers.

Inspired by the central branch in downtown Seattle, this rebrand uses two bold colors to represent the character of the company; and a layered logo to depict the depths they go into to provide for the community.
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Boys Will Be—

A 16x20 inch, 211 page perfect bound book about masculinity, featuring stories from seven lovely men about their own associations with masculinity and manhood, and the ways in which society frames it. This book is a commentary on gender norms, specifically masculine gender norms; how in this society we raise boys to “be a man” and what that truly means.
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Between the Lines.

Between The Lines is a concept for a 28-day educational exhibit on the Seattle Public Library's fourth floor. This installation is intended to reeducate all people on periods and elevate the voices of people whose stories haven fallen between the lines in order to present the social inequity in the way periods are currently treated in an accessible and relatable way. The information is presented through five personal testimonies sharing their experiences with the issues of period education and taboos, periods in prison, periods and gender, periods and poverty, and period changes.
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