Party of One

Party of One is a solo dining experience created & hosted in order to promote the value of true alone time. On April 30, 2018, fourteen guests dined together in a curated space without their phones, each at their own table. The dinner included five courses that represented the internal dialogue that can occur when one is alone with their thoughts. Each course was accompanied with a printed card to help guide guests through the experience. Final deliverables include a short film that discusses the value of being alone and a website focused on the experience & project itself, which you can visit at
One Three Two

Tearing Down & Building Up

Tearing Down & Building Up is an exhibition concept that celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Office of Minority and Diversity Affairs at the University of Washington. The five walls represent the five demands made during the 1968 occupation of the UW president's office, and uses the visual language of construction to demonstrate tearing down in order to build up. This concept was completed and built in the North Allen Library on the UW Campus as "Revolution and Evolution".

Final exhibition designed and implemented by Studio Matthews, exhibition photography by Ben Benschneider
Main concept and visual language ideation by Angela Piccolo, Christen Miyasato, Monica Niehaus, and Samantha Spaeth
Information and timeline layout concept by Dana Golan, Eva Grate, and Jazmine Hoyle
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Kami Conference

Kami is a conference about learning and honoring the beautiful tradition of paper in Japanese history and culture, and exploring interpretations of the artform in modern context. The design takes inspiration from the rings from trees, the place of origin from paper as well from the Japanese artform of paper marbling.
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