Refresh is an online guide to zero-waste living for college students. It features blog posts from my attempt at zero-waste living, challenges, a beginner’s guide, and categorized waste tips. View the full project at
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Seattle Public Library Rebrand

This re-imagination of the Seattle Public Library brand focuses on the individual pursuit of knowledge within the diverse spaces of Seattle's libraries. The individual-focused brand honors the role of libraries in building and growing communities.
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The VCD Yearbook

One of the main qualities of the VCD 2018 cohort is sentimentality. From documenting day to day studio shenanigans to sending each other late night memes, this yearbook aims to capture the spirit of this cohort through photos, portraits, quotes, and projects. The final product is 193 pages, printed on 80-lb smooth text paper, and perfect bound.
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The Invisible World of Domestic Work

Domestic workers, who are commonly known as nannies, caregivers, and housecleaners, often face unsafe working conditions due to the intimacy of their work. Because they work in private homes, their work is unrecognized socially, economically, and politically, leaving them with few legal rights. This infographic websites focuses on telling the narratives of people who come to the U.S. to work as domestic workers, and offers political solutions to legitimizing in-home work.
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