Astra: Commercial Space Travel

Astra is a conceptual look at future commercial space travel. As the technology required to bring humans into space becomes more accessible by private companies, the considerations for user experiences in microgravity must change as well.
The interior spacecraft design focuses on creating a personalized and communal living space for 4 tourists on an 8-day journey around the moon. The design features individual sleeping pods separated by soft-touch dividers that can be rolled away or left in place, allowing users to smoothly transition between private, semi-private and social spaces. This modularity ensures that the passengers will have an adaptive and accommodating traveling experience.
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Academe System

A recent study found that kids in the U.S. ages 8-13 receive up to 3 times the recommended amount of homework; this issue disproportionately affects low income kids and kids with parents who speak little or no English. The Academe System lightens the homework load for kids and families. Its zippered homework folder provides a home workspace for kids, keeps assignments from getting rumpled and lost, and stores a writing utensil within reach. With the assignment type, due date, and pencil holder visible from the outside of the folder, teachers can make sure kids have what they need and parents can keep track of their kids’ assignments. Finally, the system provides a clear, kid-friendly layout for daily homework assignments that will reduce confusion. As a result, families can spend less time on homework and more quality time together.
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The Hatchpack as a commuter bag designed for urban-dwelling tech company employees. Its slim profile is ideal for light rail and bus commuting, and capable of carrying a laptop, charger and other accessories, pens, a notebook, and a snack.
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Pet Safari

Cats are most energetic at dawn and dusk, which causes problems when people are not around to play with them in the home. Sponsored by Microsoft, the Pet Safari is an AI/AR system that projects the shape of small animals onto the floor and walls of the home for cats to chase at energetic times of the day; it learns the cat's preferences and operates solely on AI, or can be played as a game between owner and pet.
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We’ve all had the experience of walking by something interesting or funny on the street and wishing we had someone to share it with. We think of a perfect joke, but with no one there to hear it, we have to let let it slip away. To answer this desire to share reactions, we designed Imprints. This augmented reality system allows you to leave an impression of your reactions in physical space via text or ghosted 3D figures. Seen on a grand scale, webs of Imprints communicate the culture of a location and allow people to share the small wonders they experience every day.
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