Today's generation of kids are growing up in a digital age with easy access to games all around. Many kids find the stories, immersive worlds, and carefully crafted challenges of video games much more appealing than playing a sport or spending time physically with their friends. As a result, kids are spending more time only sitting at home, and their social interactions are becoming increasingly digitally dependent. By taking what people love about video games and projecting it onto the real landscape around you, Hero aims to encourage kids to connect with their friends and go out to play.

Hero consists of two parts, the Mask Headset, and the Power Controller. The parts are designed to foster a sense of fantasy. The headset gives the user a first person view so they can become the protagonist of their own adventure. The controller is shaped to suit a variety of superpowers, so whether you're playing as a swordsman, fighter or robot, it all feels real.
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Astra: Commercial Space Travel

Astra is a conceptual look at future commercial space travel. As the technology required to bring humans into space becomes more accessible by private companies, the considerations for user experiences in microgravity must change as well.
The interior spacecraft design focuses on creating a personalized and communal living space for 4 tourists on an 8-day journey around the moon. The design features individual sleeping pods separated by soft-touch dividers that can be rolled away or left in place, allowing users to smoothly transition between private, semi-private and social spaces. This modularity ensures that the passengers will have an adaptive and accommodating traveling experience.
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Microsoft Nudge

Microsoft Nudge is a line of AI-assisted products aimed at encouraging owners to spend more quality time with their dogs. Nudge includes an interactive leash hook that caters to you and your dog's specific needs by suggesting new walking routes and durations. The line also includes a roller toy that helps your dog stay active when they have to be home alone. Together they communicate, to ensure both you and your dog are spending time wisely and improving your relationship, resulting in happy dogs and happy owners.
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