The Pan Pal Project

Experiencing different cultures can be hugely impactful in empowering young students to develop a worldly perspective. The Pan Pal Project seeks to bring this experience into the classroom through the lens of food. Based on the pen pal concept, students are paired up with another student from a different country to exchange food culture. At three different times of the year, they will not only learn about their Pan Pal’s food culture, but also immerse themselves in their partner's world through cooking and eating their food. The curriculum is centered around a kit that includes a field guide to each Pal’s country, a set of prompted postcards, and interactive recipe booklets. Each component seeks to engage students in critical self-reflection, perspective taking, and dynamic collaboration.
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Tool Library App

The Seattle Tool Library is a free lending library for tools in the Wedgwood neighborhood of Seattle. A Community-built nonprofit, the library aims to increase accessibility, education, and sustainability through events, classes, and a large selection of tools available for borrowing. The mobile application carries the spirit of their organization into the digital world, offering instant access to a community of likeminded craftspeople across the Seattle area. Members can easily search and reserve tools, as well as register for classes and events to help bring their creations to life.

Ashbury Typeface

As a team we created Ashbury with inspiration taken from an original typeface found in Oakland, CA. We began by creating our control letters and later matching our future letterforms. After many detailed critique sessions, we finalized our typeface. The large bowls, short descenders and cap height made the font funky and unique. Our final poster design was inspired by the center of hippie counter culture, Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco, CA.
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Catapult is a group of project-mapped interfaces that make the family home more fun, enhancing experiences that are inherently not screen based. Catapult includes four key interfaces:
– Family Frames are a set of modular blank canvas’ that enable the projector to map out a living scrapbook. Family members can share photos, videos and audio messages to their personal frame.
– The Companion app allows individuals to update and post content to their frames, enabling them to maintain a virtual presence in their home.
– The Catapult Controller lets the user dial back in time, accessing photo archives previously posted to the Family Frames. It also functions as a more delightful way to control functions such as lighting in whatever space its in.
– The Main Projector enhances experiences like cooking, to bring families together around every day tasks in a ludic way.