from us to you

From book covers and cardboard to door codes and career fairs. From questioning abilities to pursuing passions. From those of us who think about the world around us through VR, pixels, and styrofoam. From late nights of sanding to early mornings printing. From your peers whose final exams were projects that are never complete, from your children who ask for a new external hard drive for their birthday. From all of us, this is for you.




  • Identity
    Cameron Coupe
    Chloe Yeo
    Eva Grate
  • Website
    Emily Huang
    Esther Kim
    Faith Kim
    Krishang Swami
  • Exhibit
    Carly Cheng
    Christen Miyasoto
    Emma Boyle
    Jessica Perrin
    Kiwi Gadbaw
    Krishang Swami
    Nicole Chen
    Spencer Weglin
    Wei Li
  • Catering
    Alexis Bieda
    Alison Chang
    Kate Johnson
    Katy Crabb
    Maxwell Crabill
    Sam Spaeth
  • Hype
    Ksenia Ivanova
    Monica Niehaus
    Olivia Carter
  • Mail out
    Dana Golan
    Misung Pollmann
    Nirawit Jittapairoj
    Sahm Lee
  • Multi-Media
    Kate Degman
    Mackenzie Kruse
    Marisa Iliakis
  • Pedestal Prep
    Coleman Rogers
    Jazmine Hoyle
    Maximilian Werner
    Oscar Marczynski
    Ryan Gilmore
  • Adjustment Bureau
    Adam Levy
    Izabella Dadula
    Jade Granger
    Jessica Cheung
    Zijian Zhang
  • Portrait
    Jennifer Strong
    Jennifer Vuong
    Nate Chang
  • Removal
    Cameron Coupe
    Cassandra Chee
    Julie Kim
    Luke McJunkin
  • Random Tasks
    Casey Gustafson
    Henry Davis
    Nicolas Germann
    Nouela Johnston
    Peter Franko
    Stella Ding
  • Faculty
    Annabelle Gould
    Audrey Desjardins
    Axel Roesler
    Christopher Ozubko
    Dominic Muren
    Jason Germany
    Karen Cheng
    Kristine Matthews
    Michael Kritzer
    Michael Smith
    Sang-gyeun Ahn